Tom Abraham (born 1981) began his photographic work as an autodidact. He is very familiar with Asian culture through his studies in Bali as well as other trips and professional activities in the region. His existing web portfolio (www.lndividual.de) has already gained international recognition. He has worked with professional providers such as Whitewall and SPIEGEL.

Tom Abraham was born in Jena, in the former GDR, and grew up in a divided country. This is one of the reasons why the photographer is particularly interested in divided and reunited nations. He therefore took a special interest in country portraits of Vietnam (www.peace-piece.com) and Korea (www.koryography.com).

In addition, he implemented a worldwide unique photo project that focuses on portraits and society. The report on what counts at the end of life (www.what-really-counts.com) received a broad international media response on television, radio and online media.